A Website devoted to rhinos of all types.


As some of you know, there are many different types of Rhino. Each has faced its own dilemmas once confronted by humans and our civilizations. A lot of the information found on this web page was found at the International Rhino Foundation's website. I will be eternally grateful to them for all their work. I will break this web site into information pages about each sub-species of rhino and will also have a page where you can help me help the rhinos!

New numbers represent good news and bad news.  I haven't had time to update the species pages with new numbers and distribution, but the latest figures are:


Lenard Lawless

My name is Lenard Lawless and I am the founder of Rhinohazard. I am a Canadian who is concerned with the declining number of rhinocerous (rhinocerouses, rhinoceri) around the world. I am posting this web site as an information service for all those interested in the world's second largest land animal as well as those interested in helping these wonderful creatures.